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Coffee house | Restaurant | CAFÉ ESKELES

Dear Eskeles guests,

We look forward to welcoming you to Cafe Eskeles.
The Eskeles team cooks for you healthy, vegetarian, vegan and predominantly
  with regional products. We attach great importance to the high quality of the food we use. Our lunch menus, which change daily, complement the interesting and healthy selection of Israeli and Mediterranean dishes. Only we have homemade vegan and vegetarian burgers in different flavors.

The selection of drinks ranges from Demmer tea specialties to a homemade mango lassi to our famous Limonana, an Israeli mint-lemon lemonade that can be combined with fruit in summer. The range is complemented by Israeli beers and kosher wines from Israel or from the Hafner winery.


With coffee you can enjoy our homemade pastries such as the well-known Flodni - a Jewish-Hungarian cake with apples, poppy seeds, walnuts and plum jam. The Eskeles house cake is named after Bernhard Eskeles and delights the palate with marzipan and cranberry jam.

We look forward to your visit and wish you bon appétit!

The Cafe Eskeles team wishes you all the best

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